Engaging the Feminine in Collective Transformation
Workshop 2: Dive into the Six Gestures of the Active Feminine

Workshop 2: Dive into the Six Gestures of the Active Feminine

Three hour facilitated discussion to help deepen our understanding of Six Gestures of the Active Feminine.

In this workshop we will:

  • Use the concept of ‘Presencing’ as a lens for recognizing the Active Feminine.
  • Understand how the Active Feminine presence is always an interplay between: 
    • An individual woman’s own level of awareness, intention & development around the Active Feminine aspect of herself:
    • The dynamics in a group including:
      • The degree of presencing, openness, and receptivity all group members engage in.
      • The degree the group honors Active Feminine values.
  • Examine each of the Six Gestures:
    • The central gestures:
      • How they show up.  
        • How they feel to Active Feminine women, Passive Feminine women & to men?
        • What might they be telling us? 
      • The group dynamics and interpersonal behaviors that push the Active Feminine into the volatile/reactive (blockage-smashing) middle of the circle.
        • Explore how these energies can get constellated throughout the group. 
    • The marginal gestures:
      • What might these feel like?
        • What possibilities can they introduce?
      • What group dynamics/behaviors allow the Active Feminine to expand out to the more subtle & generative outer circle?
        • How do these energies get constellated throughout the group?