Engaging the Feminine in Collective Transformation

Women Who Run With The Wolves

Ok, I’m going to go out on a limb here. . .

Because I just saw this lovely 4.5 minute video (below) about wolves changing rivers.

This is a beautiful metaphor for one aspect of large-scale systems theory in action, and whether you like where I take this next or not, it’s worth watching in its own right. Both as metaphor and as an homage to natural resilience.

And I want to take it one step further: as you watch this video, imagine that the deer are the innocuous-seeming communication patterns that dominate most polite social interactions. The deer are those harmless and even adorable little ‘absencing’ conflict-avoidant, status-quo protecting behaviors that drive the Active Feminine nuts. Imagine that the murderous, demon wolves killing the innocent deer (the murders are offscreen, but still, that’s how many people see wolves) are the Active Feminine disrupting those innocent social niceties.

The initial humane gut-reaction is the same – How Ruthless!! How lacking in compassion!!

But what if the end result is similar as well – what if repressing this threatening ‘active’ aspect of the feminine has as deadening a trickle-down effect as removing the wolves did?

This 4.5 minute narrative does a wonderful job of illustrating how complex systems work (and fail). And if we consider that the Active Feminine might serve a similar function in groups as those wolves did in that national park – that’s what I mean when I say:

‘If enough of us showed up regularly in these deeply unsettling ways, the world would start to change faster than we can imagine.’

 Would this thought help you feel a little better when people roll out their ‘you-angry woman’ push-back?

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