Engaging the Feminine in Collective Transformation
Speaking & Facilitation

Speaking & Facilitation

When I was a kid, the right story at the right time was the one thing that could get my mom out of her melancholic bed and give me some attention. A good, mythic narrative became the point & I set out to live a story worth telling. Seems I managed at least that much.

Add to narrative a compulsion to dig deep and a willingness to engage in gut-wrenching honesty and authenticity – people say they come away moved, inspired, all that fun stuff. 

When it comes to anything related to the Active Feminine, I love an audience – so if you know of one that could use some Active Feminine tales & energy, contact me.


I can also work with your group to help surface and address blockages by finding and calling out the Active Feminine energy hiding beneath the dormant patterns – releasing your groups own energy for moving forward.

I don’t do the routine stuff – planning & visioning and so forth – and I know a whole lot of folks who are far better at that than I. But I am at home in very deep territory. I can bring clarity and movement to places where those have been in short supply. I can help recognize and shift stifling communication patterns and help people identify new ways to ‘show up’ that can open up new possibilities. If you’ve tried everything else and are still stuck, I can help.