Engaging the Feminine in Collective Transformation

The Medial Woman

The Medial Woman – She Who Mediates the Unknown

After sharing Bob Johnson’s definition of the Hetaira, I thought I’d also share his definition of the other aspect of the Active Feminine, the Medial Woman – commonly depicted as the Crone or Witch.

This aspect of the adult feminine is impersonal as is the amazon, but opposes the amazon in that the fields she plays in are the fields of spirit and unconscious ideation. The medial is a channel from the external world to her internal or from the collective unconscious to potential consciousness. She is naturally in tune with her environment and with her intuitive abilities attunes herself to the vibrations that surround her. Her strength is in her ability to trust the internal message over what is obviously standing in front of her as the two commonly oppose each other in the world of the medial. She has some Hecate or witch like qualities about her in that she knows what she knows. But, this knowing does not come to her through reason or exploration. Rather, if she comes near it, it just invades her and demands recognition. When she is surrounded by light creative energy all is well with her and those about her. However, when darkness or discord appear on the horizon of the unconscious, she is the first to sense it. If she denies the intuitive invasion, then the dynamics are pushed into her own shadow and she may be forced to act out the discord in physical or psychological illness. However, the structural form of the medial is truly a vessel, not a receptacle. Therefore, she can avoid this illness by simply allowing the energy of the intuition to pass through her by announcing it to consciousness (either hers or to whomever it may belong). One of the tricky aspect of being a medial is determining for whom her bells tolls. She can easily cause great discord herself by confusing inner messages from her own unconscious with collective material or by assuming that every thought that ripples through her head is a message for someone. Just like the amazon needs to refine her skills, so the medial needs to refine hers. Her unwillingness to apply discipline and wisdom to her gift can be her seriously detrimental to both herself and those close to her.

My mother was almost 100% Medial. She was the smartest woman I’ve ever known, but being unable to function as a Medial in this rationalist world destroyed her. Afraid of becoming like my mother, I tried for decades to disown my own Medial qualities. I can tell you, it’s a dangerous practice.

Those of you who know me have witnessed me struggling (often rather flamboyantly), as I re-own my Medial character, to make this part of myself a gift rather than a detriment. This learning is a serious challenge in today’s highly rational norms, and we have very few elders to guide us.

That’s one thing I want Presencing the Active Feminine to help address. Because the changes we want to see in the world are not going to come from logic, reason, and from what we already know–the changes we want to see are going to come from precisely the skills the Medial Woman needs to refine.

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  1. It has taken me a number of years to tune into my medial, intuitive side. My natural tendency was for the rational/logical. My wife has helped me immensely here. I could not have written my book without tapping into this energy. I appreciate the work you are doing!

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