Engaging the Feminine in Collective Transformation
Keep the Gift Flowing

Keep the Gift Flowing

So here’s the deal: this is it for me.

This Presencing the Active Feminine thing is so clearly what I came to this life for – there is no more backing down. Others keep telling me they need it too. I’d like nothing more than to simply pour it out in abundance without expectation of return – and I promise to stick as close to that intent as possible. But while love is infinite, the body is not and I can only keep doing this if it makes an adequate income.

So that means I (or we, assuming this matters to you) have to figure out how to help it support me financially, and I’m not there yet. To that end, the first thing that makes sense is that I need to share this with a bigger audience. One aspect of that is to build a database of those for whom this resonates.

What that means to you

  1. Some of this work is only available by registration. If you find this relevant, I’d like to know your name & how to reach you:-)
  2. If you can introduce me to venues for workshops, speaking or facilitation, please do! Help spread the word!
  3. Come to my workshops!! I need your friendly faces & supportive presences holding the space when I do this work.
  4. More to come . . .(it will be about $. . .)

But right now:¬†Register below for access to the “Who is the Active Feminine?” .pdf

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