Engaging the Feminine in Collective Transformation

Coaching for Men

Breaking Free by Zenos Frudakis
Breaking Free by Zenos Frudakis

Break through the invisible barriers that keep you from really connecting with others in community.

Discover the means to allow your soul into the public/community/work sphere. 

Help to Presence the Active Feminine into your work and community life, and lay the groundwork for the emerging future.


  • Differentiate among the Active Feminine, Passive Feminine and Masculine Archetypal ‘presences’ in the women around you and in your own depths.
  • Differentiate among those same three Archetypal ‘presences’ in the group norms of the various specific contexts in which you ‘show up’.
  • Understand how those Archetypes interact with one another – both internally, and interpersonally.
  • Identify how your own connection to the Active Feminine strives to be present in group settings.
  • Identify the triggers that either get you into trouble or make you revert to old behaviors, and how to use those triggers as both guideposts and opportunities for transformation.
  • Recognize when the Active Feminine is trying to emerge (through others individually and collectively) in group work.
  • Recognize and refine your own ability to dance with the Six Gestures of the Active Feminine.
  • Learn how to support the emergence of the Active Feminine in others and in group norms.
  • Make sense of the complex emotions this work can arouse, in yourself and in those around you, and develop strategies for managing those emotions. 
  • Master the challenge of surfacing and transforming the underlying assumptions that keep both men and women trapped in old restrictive patterns and dysfunctional, deadening paradigms.

We can work by phone/Skype or in person. Contact me to work out a plan that works for your budget and your schedule.